Mood Board !

Hi everyone so my teacher assigned an assignment call a Mood Board and you could put your favorite quotes, food, song lyrics, or how you were feeling about this pandemic. I thought this project was super fun I got to put all my favorite things on it and it made me super happy with all the colors and quotes. It was super fun and super would totally recommend this to my family of friends. Well have a good rest of your day and stay safe and stay healthy. Bye!

6 thoughts on “Mood Board !

  1. Hi Charli,
    It is so great to see you blogging again! As usual, you are radiating positivity and spreading cheer with your upbeat text and images.
    Where did you find all of the wonderful quotes used on the mood board? I love them!
    I submitted your blog post to the Student Blogging Challenge for this week.
    Visitors will also enjoy your blog.
    Thanks and keep that smile going,
    Mrs. D

  2. Hi Mrs. D,
    Thank you so much for your kind word and for putting my post in the student blogging challenge. Their was no specific site that I went onto for the quotes I just searched up positive quotes and quotes about life.
    Your student,

  3. Hey, my name is Hillary and I am from Northern California. I think a mood board is the perfect project to do while in quarantine. I am running out things to-do while being stuck inside and may add this to my list of ideas to keep me occupied. What else are you doing to stay busy?

  4. G’day Charli,
    What a super idea for an activity while in quarantine. I agree with Mrs Roadrunner that you certainly put out a positive mood on the board. Well done!

    Looks like you have already passed the positivity on to Hillary in her comment.

  5. Hello Charli,

    My name is Ciara and I love the idea of putting together a mood board. It certainly sounds like the perfect project to do whilst in quarantine. I might give it a try if I get board again, which lets face it happens very frequently now!

    Thanks Charli!

    – Ciara ( )

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