Mood Board !

Hi everyone so my teacher assigned an assignment call a Mood Board and you could put your favorite quotes, food, song lyrics, or how you were feeling about this pandemic. I thought this project was super fun I got to put all my favorite things on it and it made me super happy with all the colors and quotes. It was super fun and super would totally recommend this to my family of friends. Well have a good rest of your day and stay safe and stay healthy. Bye!

How I feel about Covid19

Hello everyone I know right now is a little bit hard for everyone with school closing and having to stay away from people but it is not all bad. Now with all this time to stay home you could connect with your family or catch-up on your favorite TV series if you have missed some episodes. My family does these little car picnics every week and I actually think it is kind of fun. But with all this time staying home I miss my friends and I am always bored and feel like their is nothing to do. I am also kind of upset that I can’t go inside places and have to stay six’s feet away  from people but I know it is for my own safety. I found this quote that said”Nothing is impossible only improbable.” it did not say who wrote it but it is saying nothing is impossible so this Covid19 is not impossible to fix only improbable.  In the comments put what things you have been doing to keep your self occupied and how you are dealing with Covid19. Have a great rest of your week and stay healthy.

Music quotes

Hello everyone hope you are having a great day. I got to thinking and since my blog is a music blog but I am also doing positivity I was thinking that every month I would like some people to put some positive music quotes with the artist name and I will pick a couple through out the months and try to make a little song will the quotes. This week’s theme is Christmas theme song quotes. This weeks question is what’s your favorite part of Christmas and why?






Hello everyone hope your having a great positive day. Today’s topic is personality. The reason I picked this topic is because I want to show you my personality so you can get a visual perspective on how my personality reflects on my blog. One of the things you should know about me is that I love music and singing. Another thing is I hate negativity and bullying it just brings other people down and people don’t think as highly as they did before. I love helping out little kids the are so sweet and curious. Well I am going to leave you thinking about what are some other things about my personality and put it in the comments so I can so your ideas and also in the comments put what you think my question of the day is. Have a positive rest of your day


Hello everyone welcome back to my blog today’s topic  is something  that we pass and never really curious to learn so  I am going to try to shine a light on it. People think that people with autism are  mean and rude and violent but they cant think for themselves their mind thinks for them. I know some people that have autism and they are very sweet kid a thoughtful if you just get to know them. So here is my big chunk of yummy positivity  get to know someone before you say something rude or unkind because you may regret it once you get to know them. Have a great rest of your day.


Hi everyone! Welcome to my music blog. My blog is going to be on positive messages like a song they have a message hidden in side of it . Some of the things  that will also be on my blog  things that we pass over and never really  think to look at. I am going to end with a question  what do you want to do with your life and  how  do you want people to think of you? Say your answer in the comments and have a positive day!